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Alice's calm and even demeanor is what makes her an excellent mediator.

As a mediator, Alice feels that she has a front row seat in humanity.

She takes what she learns and brings those lessons to her students.

Getting a Divorce?

Are you hoping to get a divorce and feeling a bit lost?

Are you overwhelmed thinking about how to get through the entire divorce process?

Are you feeling unsure about your negotiation skills?

Alice's Design Your Own Divorce arms you with all the information you need to get started on the divorce process with confidence and ease.

Alice will teach you negotiation strategies that will help you get to a win-win solution.

Guest: Gina Lee
Family Law Attorney

Gina Lee is a California licensed family law attorney and mediator specializing in amicable divorces and settlements.

She helps couples achieve a divorce that is fair, cost-effective, and as friendly as possible. She also offers flat fees as an alternative to the high costs of a litigated divorce.

Her services include divorce planning and facilitation; family education on issues of property division, alimony and child support; and navigation of the complicated divorce process without having to go to court. 

Guest: Annette Brown
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Annette Brown offers expert financial support and consulting during one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life: ending a marriage or business partnership.

She assists people in navigating the financial aspects of their divorce. This often includes allocating assets and income, as well as valuing business net worth and income potential.

Annette demystifies the financial aspects of divorce which helps divorcing couples reach a financial agreement.

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  Design Your Own Divorce
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  Things to Consider in a Divorce
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  Negotiation Strategies
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